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Practice "Ultra Self Care", 
so you can continue to take care of others!
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The holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster
What is "Ultra Self Care"?
"Ultra Self Care" ideas
What is your "Ultra Self Care" dream?
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Welcome to Ultra Life Tips! 

These monthly tips are designed to provide support and serve as a reminder that, the power to be great is within all of us. 

I hope that you find them timely and inspirational.

Happy Holidays.


Jeanne Giddens, M.Ed., CAGS
Ultra Life Coaching   

The holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster

No matter what your beliefs are, celebrating the December holidays means different things to different people. 


For some, it is a joyous and happy occasion. Some view it as a sad reminder of loved ones that have passed. Still for others, it is a time fraught with aggravation agitation and stress. Many people experience the holidays as a combination of two or all three of these things. 


No matter which of these scenarios sums up the holiday season for you, I want to remind you to take good care of yourself. I'm not talking about the regular everyday kind of taking care of yourself I mean "Ultra Self Care". 


Don't know what "Ultra Self Care" is; well let me tell you, it is whatever you decide it needs to be.   


What is Ultra Self Care?

"Ultra Self Care" is taking a day out of your normal routine to do whatever you want to recharge your soul. 


Warning: this may mean not doing something that someone else wants you to do. 


It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in what everyone else wants that we forget about ourselves. 


The first order of business is to figure out what you would be doing if you had an entire day to do anything you want. Things like laundry, paying bills, cleaning the house or anything that starts with "I really should____" does not count. 


Remember, this is about you and your needs getting met, not your kids, partner, boss, parents or friends. 

"Ultra Self Care" ideas 

The list of things that fit the bill of "Ultra Self Care" is probably longer than you imagine; but don't let that stop you.  


Make it an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your imagination.  I know it is in there somewhere.


When I think about my idea of "Ultra Self Care", the first thing that comes to mind is a day of pampering. Check out a local spa where you can choose from different types of body work such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture, etc. Some locations also offer body wraps, facials, makeovers manicures and pedicures.


One thing that I personally like to do is check into a local hotel with a gym, pool, in room hot tub, in house restaurant and if possible in house spa. For the next not quite 48 hours I can exercise my right to use all of the facilities, use some of the facilities, or I don't have to leave the room at all. I can order room service and read, watch TV or meditate the whole time. The point is, I can do what ever I feel like doing, with out having to compromise with another person.


I had a client who kicked this concept up a notch.  Every year on the first Friday of December, he travels to a golf resort; where the weather, by his standard, is perfect.  He enjoys 3 full days (not including travel days) away from his everyday life doing what he loves; which, if you have not guessed yet is playing golf.  Since he travels alone, he dictates when and even if he will play; how many holes; if he will go it alone or join a group; if he will golf around eating or eat around golfing, etc.  When he returns, he is always recharged and ready to deal with the holiday hustle and bustle.


If you can't come up with your own idea of "Ultra Self Care" right away feel free to borrow from these examples.

What is your "Ultra Self Care" dream? 

It is human nature to want to please the people around us. Sometimes we do this at the expense of our own well-being.


We want to make our children happy, by providing everything that they want. We want to make our friends happy, by being there every time they need us. We want to make our community happy, by volunteering for every community project they need help with. We want to make our bosses happy, by working as many hours as they want.


What would you do, for YOU, if you had an extra 24, 36 or 48 hours in the next week to do anything you wanted?  What "Ultra Self Care" act would you engage in?  If you are thinking about how great it would be to have more time to do more things for everyone but you; please go back to the previous two sections for a review on "Ultra Self Care". Give it some time.  It is hard to break life long patterns.  Ask friends what they would do with the time to get your imagination juices flowing. 


Don't wait until you make yourself sick to figure out that you are important too. Something I like to remind my client's of is, when you are flying in a plane the flight attendant always says put the oxygen mask on yourself first before attempting to help others. Think about that!

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