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Welcome to Ultra Life Tips! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to The Connect with Jeanne White show.  Two women were being interviewed; Candita Mamet, editor/publisher/owner of the Healthy Living Magazine,, and Sarah Symons, founder of The Emancipation Network (TEN)  Both Candita and Sarah were there to promote an event that Candita is sponsoring, Luna Fest, which was established by Luna (the nutrition bar co.) in 2000.  Sarah was also there to raise awareness about human trafficking, which is the purpose of her organization.  I was so impressed with this event that I decided to help spread the word!  Please do the same.  

Keep reading to hear more about this special event; some other special ladies; and of course what is happening with me.
Jeanne Giddens, M.Ed., CAGS
Ultra Life Coaching 

Support A Great Cause!


Let's begin with Luna Fest.  I had never heard of this before, but thanks to Candita and the Healthy Living Magazine, I will be attending for the first time this May.  Luna Fest is a film festival that is presented in many states around the US.  These award winning short films are created by women, for women, and about women, however; men are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Various topics are covered and the films are sure to make you laugh, cry, smile and think.         


I will be attending Luna Fest in Duxbury, MA on May

15, 2008 and hope that those of you that are in the South East area of Boston will join me.  To purchase tickets please visit  A portion of the proceeds from the event goes to various charities, including The Emancipation Network.


If you would like more information about Luna Fest, or you live outside of the Boston, MA area, you can check out the nearest Luna Fest in your area by visiting

Hope to see some of you there and if you attend in a different city drop me a line and let me know how you like it.

Need A Great Web Or Print Designer?


Jamie Ross is owner and operator of Fat Cat Design, a web and print design company.  I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie since 2006 when she designed my Ultra Life Coaching website, as well as my business cards!  Jamie also designed the Connect With Jeanne White  website and has completed many other projects that you can view in her portfolio by going to her website at  Whether you are looking for a design for business cards, brochures, postcards or a website; she is the person to hire.  Her creativity seems to know no limit and she can work with people no matter where in the world they are located. 

Advertise On The Radio. 

Jeanne White is a radio host on 95.9 FM WATD.  Her half hour show Connect With Jeanne White is broadcasted on Saturday's from 10:30-11am and is dedicated to "putting people together, to make connections."  You can listen to her via live streaming radio by logging on to her website at and clicking on the listen live icon.  While you are there check out some of her past guests, news and links and see how you can be a guest on her show.  She makes being on the radio easy and fun!

Less Bla Bla & More RA!RA! 


Laura Sheridan is the host and creator of a highly entertaining cable network variety show RA!RA! with LauRA.   The purpose of Laura's show is as she puts it to kick the "k" away from funk and have more fun.  Laura has many inspirational Ra-isms that she likes to share with people.  One of my personal favorites is; "I will not look back on my bad decision, only forward with great vision."  To view more RA-isms, purchase her new book, view her you tube postings, and learn more about the world of RA!RA! visit her website at  Laura gives adults a much needed break from the stress of every day life by tapping into the child within.

From Radio To Television. 

As you all know I have been a guest on the radio show Connect with Jeanne White twice now and recently filled in as the host of the show while Jeanne was generously donating her time to habitat for humanity.  You can now listen to not only the interviews but also the show that I hosted by logging onto my website, go to the news and events page and click on the listen icon.  Let me know what you think of my hosting job! 


From radio we go to television where I will be a guest on the RA!RA! with LauRA show April 30, 2008, wish me luck! 


Oops, gotta go, I think I hear Oprah calling.      

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