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Be Your Own Valentine All Year Long.

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A Busy and Important Month.
Love is in the Air.....Or Not.
Flower Power.
Let's Get Creative.
The Bottom Line.
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Welcome to Ultra Life Tips! 

These monthly tips are designed to provide support and serve as a reminder that, the power to be great is within all of us.
I hope that you find them timely and inspirational.
Jeanne Giddens, M.Ed., CAGS
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A Busy and Important Month

February is a very interesting month, with a lot of unique attributes. 


For example, it is the shortest month of the year, even when it is a leap year.  It is the only month to have leap year abilities, which is simply an extra day every 4 years.  As a child, I always felt sorry for those born on February 29th because they could only celebrate their birthday every 4 years.  As an adult, I know better and I must say I am a little jealous (ha-ha). 


President's Day is celebrated in February, to mark the birth of two very famous, and important US presidents; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  


February is also deemed Black History month to mark the many notable February dates in black history. These events include the births of Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Also the 15th Amendment was passed, giving blacks the right to vote.  


Of course February is probably most famous for the non-legal "holiday" of Valentine's Day, which needs no explanation.

Love is in the Air.....Or Not

Whether you are currently in a romantic relationship with someone or not, love is important for everyone.  February 14th is a date on the calendar that either notoriously disappoints or deliciously delights millions of women, depending on the actions of others. 


I personally wish that women, and even men did not depend on this "holiday" to measure their self worth.  Valentine's Day seems to have the power to make people's day or ruin their whole week and it doesn't look like there is any way to change it. 


So instead of fighting it let's make this supposed celebration of love, bigger; better; and more frequent.  

Flower Power. 

Everyone knows that flowers are the hallmark (no pun intended) of Valentine's Day, so why not make them a permanent and routine part of your life?  Flowers are available all year long, thanks to your local florist.  Beautiful, exotic and fragrant flowers have a way of lifting moods and stirring up an appreciation of life. 

Here is an idea, once or twice a month, go to your local florist, and pick out some flowers.  They don't need to be the most expensive ones.  Many times floral shops will have a particular flower on sale.  Be sure to discuss the best way to care for them to ensure the longest life after you get them home. 


For an extra touch, dress up any vase with colored tissue paper or wrapping paper to accent the flowers colors.  Don't forget to admire your flowers beauty every day and let them serve as a reminder of your own beauty. 

Let's Get Creative. 

Looking for a fun way to share love?  A couple of times a year or more often if you like, get together with your friends, co-workers or neighbors etc., and have a flower party.   

Require all the guests to bring a bouquet of flowers.  Sometime during the party assign numbers to bouquets and people and have a drawing. 

Not only will it give people something to talk about, but it will also give people something to smile about long after they leave the party.  Who knows, the flowers you receive might become your new favorite, and every time you look at them you will be reminded that you are loved. 


For an extra special touch also require a positive and complementary card or written message to go with the flowers.  

The Bottom Line.

Valentine's Day does is not just be for people in romantic

If you stayed in this February 14th or wore black to rebel against all the red and pink wearers because you felt bad about not getting flowers, here is a special secret tip for you.  Next year, single or otherwise, be your own Valentine.  Send yourself flowers with a special note to self, that you are a very special person who deserves beautiful things. 


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