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Happy 4th of July!
What Fires Your Bottle Rocket?
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Welcome to Ultra Life Coaching Tips.
These monthly tips are designed to provide support, a little bit of humor and serve as a reminder that "the power to be great is within all of us"!
I hope they find you in good health.
Sincerely Jeanné Giddens, M.Ed., CAGS
Ultra Life Coaching
Happy 4th of July!
American Flag 
Here in Massachusetts the meteorologists predicted a damp Independence Day, turns out they were wrong. 
Instead it was a great day for BBQ's and night for fireworks. Hey, we are in New England so I guess we should cut them some slack. Besides, since when is nice weather something to complain about!
Speaking of fireworks that's what this Ultra Life Coaching Tip is all about....figuratively speaking of course.
What Fires Your Bottle Rocket? 
Don't know? Well here are a couple of questions to help you figure out what your passion is.
When you wake up in the morning, what do you look forward to the most in your day?
Don't get frustrated if you can't come up with an answer easily. Most of us are so used to thinking about what we dread the most in our day that we pay little attention to the things that we really enjoy.
If you had 2 continuous uninterrupted hours to do the things that make you the happiest, what would you do?
I know it sounds like an impossible luxury now, but once you come up with an answer you might surprise yourself and make the time for it. Remember, you are worth it!
Oooh-Ahhh, Repeat
What ever you came up with for answers to the questions above, no doubt there is now a smile on your face. Putting your answers down on paper is a great way to start a "potential life goals list".
Some of you will be tempted to listen your inner critic at this point. This is not the time to censure your ideas, so resist the urge to put limits on your potential with negative self talk.
Just put your fingers in your ears and say la, la, la, la I can not hear you. That should do it.
The Grand Finale
Now that you have accepted your fantasy as a possibility, what do you need to do to make it a reality?
It may be something that you could incorporate into your life now or something that is for the future. Either way it is never too early or late to begin taking steps toward accomplishing your potential life goals.
Actually you already began by thinking about it; and writing about it puts you even closer so congratulations!
And the Winner is....
butterfly in handSpecialEvents Debbie in Cape Coral FL.
Is the winner of the Connect with Jeanne White Show, June contest, which was sponsored by Ultra Life Coaching.
See my June 09 Newsletter for details.
Jeanne is conducting a contest every month so be sure to visit her website at www.connectwithjeannewhite.com for details about the July contest.
Tune Talks with Jeanné......
butterfly in hand Now Tweets on Twitter!
That's right you can now follow me on twitter by going to www.twitter.com/tunetalks
Great news!
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Talking about your goals is a great way to clarify your thoughts. This is a big part of what Life Coaching is all about, and why it works so well. 
What are you waiting for, take advantage of my free life coaching session offer. 

Jeanné Giddens
Ultra Life Coaching
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