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Make Everyday Thanksgiving.
Why Looking Back at Your Accomplishments Keeps You Moving Forward.
Taking Stock - Just How Do I Do That?
What Do You Have to Lose?
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Welcome to Ultra Life Tips.

These monthly tips are designed to provide support and serve as a reminder that the power to be great is within all of us. 

I hope that you find them timely and inspirational.  


Jeanne Giddens, M.Ed., CAGS
Ultra Life Coaching  

Make Everyday Thanksgiving 

Maybe you remember sitting around the Thanksgiving table with your family and before you were allowed to eat you had to say what you were thankful for.  You might even continue to practice the tradition with your family today.  My advice is to engage in this behavior not only on Thanksgiving, but on a regular basis whether you are already on your path or are trying to figure out your direction in life. 

Why Looking Back at Your Accomplishments Keeps You Moving Forward.


For those who have a direction all mapped out, congratulations! You probably already know that it takes a lot of work to stay on the path. It's kind of like going to college, getting into a college is good but the trick is to maintain your grades to be able to stay.


The path that you are on is not always straight or flat there will be twists and turns, hills, obstacles and distractions. It will be very important for you to take an honest inventory of what you have and what you have done to get where you are today. The answers may hold clues to what you need to be doing to maintain your progress or get ahead.


I had a client who decided that one of her goals was to lose weight. She worked hard at eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones and she incorporated more physical activity in her life. After two months of consistent weight loss she hit a plateau and became very discouraged and negative. I coached her on various weight loss processes and asked her to recount her progress, detailing what she had done to date to get where she was at that point. I also asked her to take a look at some secondary gains that she achieved as a result of losing the weight.


Once she was able to acknowledge her secondary gains such as gaining muscle tone and strength, increasing her mental and physical energy levels and stamina, learning about exercise and nutrition, and setting a good example for her children, she was able to move past her plateau.

Taking Stock - Just How Do I Do That? 

If you are a person who is searching out your path,don't give up. We have all been there and all the great leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers would agree that the greatest failure is not trying at all.


Look for the things that you already have going for you. How do you identify those things? Good question! Ask yourself: What gives me energy? What areas of my life do I feel most excited about? What positive aspects of my life do I find myself talking about the most?


This is exactly what I did with a client who came to me because she was experiencing severe anxiety, but couldn't pinpoint the source.  Once we figured out that her symptoms were stemming from a career she hated, we went to work figuring out what she really wanted. Her advertising career was putting so much pressure on her, that little by little she stopped enjoying anything she did that was related to this job. Part of her dilemma was that she had been doing this job for so long that she wasn't sure what else she could do to produce an income.


It turned out that she had a passion for several alternative medical treatments, many of which she had certification to practice. She was also a talented artist with big dreams from her past that she didn't pursue because she got caught up in the career that was currently causing her so much pain. As she explored her new possibilities she gained courage and strength to make her move, and guess what, her anxiety disappeared.

What Do You Have To Lose? 


So as the Thanksgiving holiday comes and goes, remember to give thanks for what you have. Do this whether you know your direction or not, because you never know where this way of thinking will lead. 


Remember, going back in time is not an option so as you move forward through life why not keep your head up with your eyes, mind and heart wide open. 

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